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frequently asked questions

About the PSIE

Is the PSIE an association or a corporation?
It is a start-up corporation – designed to be lean, nimble, progressive and focused on training excellence (superior training for ski professionals which has a direct correlation to Snow School business success). For more information on this visit our contact us page.

What distinguishes the PSIE from other European ski instructor training and certification organisations? What’s new?

  • Collaboration with industry is a cornerstone of the PSIE philosophy. There is a desire by ski operators/schools to have specific competencies in their instructors. 

  • Under license, the PSIE has gained access to and adopted the modern and proven educational system of the PSIC.

  • Under license, the PSIE will have access to and contribute to the Ski Pro Institute. This institute offers PSIE members training and education led by global thought leaders and experts in the ski industry.

Do you believe that ski schools benefit from employing instructors from a number of different certification pathways? 

Yes, the PSIE believes there are many benefits to employing instructors from different certification pathways as this creates a market where healthy competition drives innovation and offers the best outcomes for the industry. Many instructors will be members of more than one association and we believe that this is beneficial to both the instructor and the ski school they work for as they will develop a broader range of knowledge and skills. The PSIE encourages instructors from other certification pathways to join the PSIE as well as any other national associations which they are members of. 

Where will the PSIE operate? Where will the courses be available?

Over time the PSIE will operate in a number of European countries offering courses across the alps, at indoor snow domes, and artificial slopes. Courses will either be operated directly by PSIE or by our Licensed Course Providers. For the latest course venues refer to our course schedule

Who recognises the PSIE certifications?

The PSIE certifications will be widely recognised by employers (ski schools), by the PSIC, by other national training & certification bodies, and by a number of other organisations. To see who are organisation partners are visit our partners page.  

You’ve said you are “industry-driven” – who are you referring to and what does that mean?

  • The PSIE believes a strong link with Ski Schools and ski resorts is integral to improving the sustainability of the profession. 

  • The PSIE curriculum is being designed in collaboration with operators and will address desired competencies and the need for real world skills (e.g. risk mitigation, decision making, understanding the overall skier experience.) 

  • An Industry Steering Committee is been formed and the members of this committee will guide and shape the competencies taught within the PSIE educational pathway. 


What is the relationship between the PSIE and the PSIC?

The PSIE has secured licensing for the educational platform of the Professional Ski Instructors of Canada (PSIC). This license authorises PSIE to deliver the entire PSIC educational suite. Our certification pathway, course content, and outcome standards align closely with those of the PSIC, with slight modifications to meet the specific needs of the European market. For more details on these adaptations, please visit the CTT page and our Pathway Flowchart.

Membership with either the PSIE or PSIC offers significant advantages:

  1. Uniform Certification Pathway: Members can seamlessly transition between training programs in both organisations. For instance, if you begin your training in Europe with PSIE and then move to Canada, you can continue your education and certification with PSIC, and vice versa. This consistent training and certification pathway allows each organisation to recognise the other's certification as equivalent, facilitating smooth registration for training and certification courses.

  2. Shared Values: There is a mutual commitment from both organisations to uphold the same core values, ensuring a consistent experience and standard across continents.

  3. Access to the Ski Pro Institute: Members benefit from the Ski Pro Institute, which promotes a 'zero ceiling' approach to professional growth and development, offering limitless opportunities for advancement.

Programs & Certification

What certification programs do you offer?
Stages of instructor certification include four levels, which correlate to increasing skiing and teaching competency.

  • Professional Instructor L1 – L4 

  • Licensed Professional Trainer L1 - L4


See Certification Pathway and Pathway Flowchart.

What is the PSIE training approach?
Our specialised ski professional training system, called The Method, encompasses three categories of competencies: 

  • Skiing – foundational understanding of the sport, including the physics of skiing, and the two core concepts of force and balance. 

  • Teaching – a learning science driven methodology to teaching that incorporates the study of expertise and expert performance. 

  • Adventure – development of professional and leadership skills required to facilitate a safe and fun skier experience for all lesson participants. 


The overall approach is student-centered and evidence-informed.

Do you recognise other qualifications? Can I be a member of the PSIE and other national organisations?

  • Yes! We value and respect all international training organisations. 

  • We recognise all other instructor qualifications (e.g., BASI, IASI, APSI, NZSIA, PSIA, CSIA etc.) and information on crossover mapping is provided in ouEquivalency section. When registering for courses, members will submit proof of certification from their previous credentials. See instructions for uploading certification.

  • There will be online modules that will be a requirement for PSIE certification at all levels, regardless of existing certification. 

  • The decision to recognise qualifications from different systems ultimately belongs to the ski school/employer.

When will the PSIE program launch and courses be available?

  • The program will launch for 2024/25 winter season and we will be on the snow in November when resorts open. We may get some courses running sooner so be sure to keep a check on the website. 

  • Memberships are now on sale. And the course schedule is being continually updated as courses are programmed. 

Snow Reg Platform

What is the SnowReg platform used for?
SnowReg is our trusted booking engine for all PSIE memberships and course registrations, streamlining your experience with an easy-to-use interface and secure processing.

How do I create an account on SnowReg?
To register for courses or membership, you'll need to create a SnowReg account


  • New User: If it is your first time using SnowReg, simply create a new account.

  • Existing User: You may have previously used the SnowReg Platform to register for alpine, freestyle or snowboard memberships, in which case you should proceed by logging into your existing SnowReg user account.


I’m having trouble booking a course on SnowReg. What should I do?
If you're encountering issues:

  • Ensure your browser is up to date, as SnowReg works best with the latest versions.

  • Clear your browser cache, as old data can sometimes cause problems.

  • Try a different browser or device if the problem persists.

  • Contact us with a description of the issue, and we'll assist you promptly.


Can I register for multiple courses and memberships at once on SnowReg?
Yes, SnowReg allows for the booking of multiple courses and the renewal or initiation of memberships in a single transaction for your convenience. You may be asked for additional profile information and/or waiver approvals depending on the products you are purchasing.


How can I confirm my SnowReg booking is successful?
After completing a booking, you'll receive a confirmation email. Please check your junk folder if you don't see it in your inbox. You can also log in to your SnowReg account to view your booking history. 


Is my personal information secure on SnowReg?
Your security is our priority. SnowReg employs robust encryption and security measures to ensure that your personal and payment information is protected.


Can I update my registration details on SnowReg after booking?
Yes, you can login to your account to update your personal information or view the details of your booking. If you need to make changes or cancel, view our cancellation policy.

How do I upload my certification credentials for crossover equivalency?
You can upload a digital copy of your existing certification during the registration process or by updating your profile at any time. Follow these instructions.


Why am I being charged taxes and additional fees on top of the course price?

  • Courses being run directly by PSIE and booked through SnowReg are subject to French TVA (VAT) and this is added at checkout. 

  • Additionally, there are credit card and financial processing fees that we incur for transactions. We strive to keep these additional costs as low as possible and they are clearly itemised at checkout, ensuring you know exactly what you're paying for.


How do I get my PSIE membership card?

Membership cards can be added to Apple Wallet or Google Pay on your mobile device. Links for this were provided in your membership purchase confirmation email, but this can also be accessed in your SnowReg account by following these steps:

  1. Login to your SnowReg account from a mobile device.

  2. From the “Memberships, Licenses & Certifications” page in the left navigation, click on your PSIE Membership.

  3. Scroll down to Membership Card Details and choose “Save to Apple Wallet” or “Save to Google Pay”. 

  4. To include a photo on your membership card, ensure a photo has been uploaded in the “Your Photo” section of the same page.

Upon course completion where do I find my course evaluation form and/or certificate?

Once you complete a course, your trainer will submit your evaluation form in SnowReg. Your results and feedback can be accessed via the Course Records menu in your profile. If you have successfully passed all required courses to achieve a PSIE certification Level, your certificate is accessible under the My Profile section in SnowReg. Please follow these instructions to access your evaluation or your downloadable PDF certificate.  

How do I access the Level 1 e-Learning module in advance of my course?

There is an e-Learning component to the Level 1 course which should be completed in advance of Day 1 on snow. It should take approximately 45 minutes to complete. To access the Level 1 e-Learning, follow these instructions

Cancellation Policy

Life happens, and sometimes plans change—we get it. If you need to cancel or transfer your course registration, please reach out to us in writing via email. Give us a couple of business days, and we'll get your request sorted.


Cancellation Terms:

  • Up to 14 days before the course starts: We can refund 75% of your registration fee.

  • Within 14 days of the start day: We'll refund 50% of your fee.

  • No-show: We miss you, but we can't offer a refund.

Transfer Terms:

  • We’ll always try to accommodate transfer requests for our courses. Please note that each transfer incurs a 40€ administrative fee per course. 

  • Transfers depend on available space, and any difference in course price will need to be covered by you.

  • We can only transfer enrollments within the same season.

  • If we're unable to transfer you to another course, our cancellation policy will apply.


For cancellations or transfers due to medical reasons, we'll take a look at your situation individually—just provide a medical note.

Please be aware:

The above cancellation policy refers to courses that are directly organised and run by PSIE. in other words your payment when booking will be to the Professional Ski Instructors of Europe (PSIE France). If your booking is with one of our licensed course providers then please refer to their booking terms and conditions and cancellation policy.

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