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PSIE TRAINING & course providers

In addition to courses being run directly by PSIE our licensed training and course providers are an integral part of the delivery. The course schedule clearly indicates who is running the course and consequently who to book with.

Sommet et Neige Instructor Training

Sommet et Neige are based in Nendaz in the 4 Vallees of Switzerland where they run a variety of ski and snowboard instructor training options including full season, early season, internships etc. 

Chamonix Experience

Chamonix Experience or Chamex are Mountain Guide, Ski Guide, and Adventure specialists who deliver our Mountain Safety Course as part of the requirement for the Common Training Test (CTT) for Level 4's wishing to gain recognition in Europe. 

Rookies Academy

Rookie Academy are based in New Zealand and offer instructor training camps in New Zealand, Italy, Japan, USA, Canada, and China offering certification through several associations. 

Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy

The Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy has been in existence since 1999. They have been involved with the training and development of ski instructors for many years and offer courses in France, Italy and the UK.  

Supreme Ski & Snowboard School

Supreme Ski & Snowboard Schools operate throughout Switzerland and France. Their original ski school was in Courchevel in the trois vallees but they have since expanded to many more resorts including Verbier which was their first Swiss resort.

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