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Common Training Test CTT for ski instructors

The Common Training Test for Ski Instructors (CTT) consists of two parts:

  1. A technical test which is a speed test or more precisely a Giant Slalom. This is often referred to as the Euro Test. 

  2. A safety test  which is an off piste mountain safety test which is often referred to as the Euro Security.


The PSIE in conjunction with with Chamonix Experience (Chamex) has developed a Back Country Education pathway (BCE). These BCE courses will be organised and delivered by Chamex who are one of our course providers. Completion of this pathway meets the required outcome standards of the CTT safety test.


PSIE members who hold an EU passport and who wish to have their Level 4 ski instructor certification recognised as equivalent to the highest level, as set out in the EU's delegated act, will need to take and pass these Backcountry Education courses.  In addition they will also need to enter and pass the technical test (as described above). 

What follows is a pictorial flowchart of the Backcountry Education Pathway together with further explanatory notes. This is then followed by details of the specific course outcomes, pre-course information, touring requirements, and certification. This is a comprehensive training program for off piste (side country) and back country ensuring the highest professional standards of our fully certified members.  

CTT Safety Test
CTT BCE Pathway - Safety Test.png

Explanatory notes:

* The L2 Big Mountain (3-days ski course) is required for anyone who holds the alpine level 2 professional ski instructor certification or equivalent. Anyone who has passed the level 3 professional ski instructor technical (or higher) can go straight to the Backcountry Education Level 1.

** On completion of the Backcountry Education Level 1 students are also awarded the American Avalanche Association (AAA) Level 1.

***Students must complete and log the required ski tours in order to validate the CTT safety test. 




  • Pre-course reading/learning

  • 5-days = €850*

       (Training and evaluation - ongoing assessment)

See BCE Level 1 Pre-Course Info

See BCE Level 1 Course Overview

See BCE Equipment List

*The above cost includes TVA (VAT)

American avalanche association LEVEL 1


Additional benefit:

  • On completion of the PSIE Backcountry Education Level 1 students are also awarded the American Avalanche Level 1 and Avalanche Rescue.

  • Certification is issued via Chamonix Experience (Chamex) who administer and deliver the PSIE Backcountry Education courses.

More information about the American Avalanche Association education is available here.




  • Pre-course reading/learning

  • 3-days training = €425*

  • Logged tours

  • 3-days evaluation = €425*

       (Ongoing assessment)

See BCE Equipment List

See BCE Level 2 Training Course Overview

See Logged Tours requirements 

See BCE Level 2 Evaluation Course Overview

*The above costs include TVA (VAT)

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