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The PSIE aims to be a global thought leader and contributor in professional ski instructor training and education. We value collaboration for knowledge sharing and continuous learning in the ski teaching community. We invite members of other alpine ski teaching organizations around Europe to join our journey.

The provided list details how the PSIE recognises memberships from other ski teaching certification bodies into its certification pathway. At present, only alpine ski instructing certifications can crossover. The PSIE will recognise your existing certification credentials and allow entry into the PSIE pathway accordingly.

  • Full Level 1 - can take PSIE L2 programming

  • Full Level 2 - can take PSIE L3 programming

  • Level 3 Ski - can take PSIE L3 evaluation

  • Level 3 Teach - can take PSIE L3 evaluation

  • Full Level 3 - can take L4 start up camp •but also requires LPT in order to take L4 top up camp or completion camp

  • Level 4 Ski - can take PSIE L4 completion camp

  • Level 4 Teach - can take PSIE L4 completion camp

  • Full Level 4 - can take PSIE L4 completion camp

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