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PSIE membership

membership's on sale NOW!

Annual membership 67€*

3 & 5 year options also available

PSIE membership includes: 

  • Access to PSIE program registration. Full calendar of courses available for season 2024/25.

  • Complete portability of certification between Europe, Canada, and Asia because the PSIE is licensed to use the complete PSIC educational stack. This means members of PSIE can continue their education with PSIC and/or PSIE anywhere in the world that courses are being offered. 

  • Pro deals with manufacturers such as Elevanate, Elan, Roxa, Aphex, Original+, and many more. A growing list of partners is in development. Click here to access all the pro deals.

  • The Method – the PSIE’s student-centered and evidence-informed instructor training system, where science meets practicality in Skiing, Teaching and Trainer development for the industry.

  • Access to sophisticated digital learning tools and resources.

  • Participation in a progressive and industry-aligned organisation, which prioritises openness and inclusivity. We welcome all PSIE members to retain their membership in other domestic and international organisations. 

  • A culture built on values of fun, kindness, respect, curiosity and achievement.

  • Being part of a growing global community of ski instructors opening up endless opportunities for professional development and networking. 

*Prices subject to 20% TVA (VAT)

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