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welcome to the professional ski instructors of europe

a new era

Welcome to the Professional Ski Instructors of Europe (PSIE). Originating in Ireland and France, PSIE has licensed the educational platform of the Professional Ski Instructors of Canada (PSIC). We believe this offering will bring a fresh perspective to the European ski industry. PSIE offers a comprehensive system of training, education, and certification tailored to the needs of the ski industry and instructor community across Europe. Our program, inspired by PSIC's proven methods, includes additional modules and courses designed specifically to align with European ski industry.


Become part of a growing global community of ski instructors opening up endless opportunities for professional development and growth grounded in Positive Education and Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI).

borderless certification

PSIE has secured licensing for the complete PSIC educational stack. Consequently, a PSIE certification is recognised on par with PSIC credentials, ensuring seamless professional recognition across borders. 

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